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- In May, you ran off so suddenly. Together with you in our life has become such a thing as “emotional burnout syndrome.” What is your treatment? Do you keep it?

- Go on, but the most difficult days behind. I am now much better. I cut her hair, dyed a dark color. She returned to this Statement. Beginning again to ride a bike. My treatment will continue until the end of this year.

- What treatment is prescribed to you?

- The first 15 days I was under the strict supervision of a doctor. To “build” me first, they used chemical, and then homeopathic remedies.

- And yet, all of Turkey is waiting for your return. There is a possibility?

- At the moment, no … Maybe next year. Who knows? But I will not be back for the role Hürrem. It is impossible.

- You are one of the most beloved actresses in foreign Turkey. This love has been taken only to Alex and you. Did you know that you love so much?

- Do not know. But I really like it. And I love them all very much.

- What do you think is your secret? The fact that you are a true and so, what is?

- I do not know. No mystery there. Maybe the fact that I’m not lying, it is always sincere.

- Do you feel safe in Berlin?

- In the beginning it was not so. For example, the treatment in the clinic I am concerned, even scared away. I said that people came from Turkey, they will take me! My head was so obscured. It is for this reason that I came to Germany. Yes, and in Turkey there are good doctors and clinics. But my mother tongue - is German. My condition was so dangerous that needed someone who would understand me.

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"I don`t Hürrem. I - again I, I’m old Meryem. I had to say goodbye to Hürrem. And i said goodbye. I was no longer able to look in the mirror and see there Hürrem. For this reason, I have changed in appearance. - Meryem Uzerli

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